Sunday, October 14, 2007

Patio is Finished

The patio is finally finished and it looks great. We finished painting the underside of the deck and around all of the garden beds, the electrical boxes are installed and working. We just need the time to enjoy it. I think the guys, David and Doug, have used it more than us this year.

The pictures were taken just after dusk, I even have the star lights on. I had picked these up for David when he was overseas, but the last batch I sent someone else walked off with them so I kept them until he came home. He helped me hang them up and I will send them with him when he leaves again.

I need to find the pictures of the garden beds before and after. We were really amazed at the difference. Next spring there will be a few places to touch up - such as around the sage and thyme plants.

This last picture was taken from the top of the deck looking down onto the patio. It gives a better look at the lights. Dale had bought a couple of boxes of the battery operated lights last year and I really like the way they look. The company isn't the greatest to deal with if something goes wrong or trying to get battery replacements. Oh well, live and learn.

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