Sunday, January 29, 2012

Granny Square Afghan

I've been crocheting forever, well it seems like forever. I started when I was little, my Grandma Kate taught me how. She taught me to read a pattern and how to make a pattern from looking at something that was already crocheted.

I have a basket I keep some of the left yarn pieces in.  All different colors, types, weights, pieces wound into balls, left over skeins, you name it it is probably in there (I have a ceramic planter for the thread).  It's a collection from my mom, both grandmothers and some of mine.  As the basket gets empty I pull out another tote (plastic storage box) and add to it. I have totes in all sizes with yarn in it from shoe box size to 30+ gallon size.  I've only made two yarn purchases in the last couple of years and that was a charcoal gray to put the squares together and finish the edges.  The other purchase was for an afghan for a birthday present.  I started a new pattern and didn't have the same type of yarn so I started it with Red Heart yarn to see how it would turn out.  It turned into a nice circular piece for my pub top.  I'll show you them another post.

For now I want to show you how I've been using up some of pieces in the basket.  I've been crocheting Granny Square Afghans with the scraps.  I use three strands at a time and trying to stay with a color combination of light, main color 1 and main color 2. For example my light is with a white, tan, off white; main color 1 is in the pink and red color family; and main color 2 is in the green family.    

Here is a couple of little afghans I did.  I've already given this pink and red one away for a little girl's birthday. The blue one is waiting for the next birthday to come around. 

Izzy tends to think that anything I make is for her.  She always want to stake her claim on it.  It doesn't matter the size or what it is out of.  She has taken a square or two and tried to  hide them in her bed. 

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