Monday, April 28, 2008

New Stamps ...

How do you keep from buying the same stamp twice? Every time I'm at Archiver's I have to check out their clearance section. I found this summer fun foam stamps and this set has 26 stamps in it.

When I got my PDA I no longer used the Daytimer storage binders so I converted them into a Craft Catalog. I created a catalog in Word to help me stay organized.

I have divided my stamps by theme and then by clear and foam.I enter into my Word document the name of the stamp, who made it and the order number.
I then stamp each stamp and place that sheet in my binder.
I do the same thing for all of my craft and sewing supplies. I have been known to take my binder with me when shopping for stamps. This way I can not only see who made the stamp but what the looks like.

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