Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cricut Handbook

A fellow Blogger asked me the question of what does "page 129 of the handbook mean", Theresa this is for you. I purchased my Tags Bags Boxes and More Cartridge way back when it came in a box that included the cartridge, overlay and the handbook.

You can click an image to see the detail.

This is what my original handbook looks like. Page 128 is the top and page 129 is the bottom page with the Crayon Box. The first part of the handbook explains the different function keys and has a sample of a project. This is in several different languages so the actual shape or image gallery doesn't start in my handbook until page 82.

In the PDF Handbook there are only 8 pages and the Crayon box is on the 7th page with page number 70 under it.

Using the overlay and counting the buttons on the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cartridge the Crayon box is #48. The above pictures shows it highlighted in Design Studio.

I have only downloaded the PDF Handbooks for the cartridges that did not come with a Handbook. SewDelish has a great tutorial on how she organizes the PDF Handbooks along with the link to the Cricut Cartridge Library. When I design a project I alternate between the Handbook that came with the cartridge or the PDF Handbook.

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Theresa said...

Thanks so much for this post! I am so greatful to have a fellow scrapper be so generous with information, I think that is why I love this craft so much! I am so excited to make this now, what an awesome little way to make a book for my little preschooler who gets homesick. I will just fill it with pics of us together and hopefully it will help and not backfire :) Thanks again!