Friday, January 2, 2009

Yearly Calendar

I picked up this frame from the Second Hand Store. It had an ugly picture and the frame was white washed, but it was the size I was after.

A coat of paint, then crackle and another coat of paint and it looks great. The 12 month calendar was made in Publisher and printed on a transparency. I used clear photo corners to attach it to the light blue background paper. I hand cut the background paper and layered it onto the black.

I used my Cricut to cut out the flowers, leaves and butterfly's. The flowers were cut in white and the edges are inked with pink. For the leaves I used a couple different colors of green ink.

The butterfly's were cut in three different parts and I used stickles on the top layer and pop up dots to keep the wings up, as if they are flying.

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Sara said...

Hi Cindy, I downloaded a few of your Cricut patterns and played with them a bit tonight. I love what I have so far, you have done a fantastic job I will link back to your posts when I complete my projects using your downloads.

Wonderful Job!