Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Card Album

I have another project done for the Yahoo groups Scrappers Challenge.  I have finished adding the Christmas Cards, letters and photos we get every year from family and friend to my album.  I started this album with the 2008 Christmas cards and letters.  We get several letters so I had to make something to hold an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper.  I didn't want to fold it as there can be stuff on the back so I wanted to use sheet protectors. 

I start off the year with a divider and the Christmas letter we send out.  After that it's just punching holes for the cards and adding them.  If I have a letter and card I keep them together along with any photos that were sent.  If there is writing on the back I use a piece of Acetate and photo corners to hold the pictures on then we can read what was on the back. 

I hold the envelopes in a sheet protector in the back of the album until I send out next years Christmas cards so that I have a quick reference if I lost an address.

This was not in my unfinished scrapbook pile but it is a scrapbooking project and it was unfinished so I'm counting it as a Finish It Friday project. 

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