Friday, June 13, 2008

Gardening . . .

is a craft, a science and an art. To practice it well requires the enthusiasm of the true amateur and the understanding of the true student.

Author: Louise and James Bush-Brown

I thought I would snap a few pictures while I took Izzy out Wednesday Night. This is the first time the Clematis has bloomed. Between the rabbits and my husband it's had a rough three years. I planted two more last year and one of them is back. It is just starting to get a few buds on it.

I've had to trim my Fuchsia as the wind had beaten it up a bit so I have a lot of starts in the house now. I think I will try and winter a few of them this year.

I took a picture of the iris before I went to work Wednesday morning. The weather called for more rain and I new it wouldn't look pretty when I got home.

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