Thursday, January 22, 2009

Digital Layout - questions

A few posts down I was asked this question:

Hi, This is really a great template. I downloaded it and tried it and I love it. I am new to Photoshop and this makes me look professional. Unfortunately I don't have a snowman picture of my grandkids at the moment. Is it difficult to change the lettering? Anyway thank you so much for sharing.

The simple answer is yes. I'm still learning Photoshop Elements, but I have merged the layers together to create the box and lettering. Here is a small tutorial to help make your own - in Photoshop Elements 5.0. This is a long Post.

I will be making this January Template and this is what it looks like with a picture.

1. I work with black as my foreground color and I select it first when I am making another template.

2. Open a new document and select your width and height. Here is my settings: Width and Height: 12 inches; Resolution 300 pixels/inch; Color Mode: RGB Color; Background Contents: Transparent.

3. Select your Shape Tool (cookie cutter) - I have been using the rectangle shape and draw a shape on your your layer the approximate size you want. I play with this step to get it where I want it to be.

4. Select your Text Tool and type the word underneath the shape. For this one I am using the Ravie font. Resize and stretch the font to fit underneath your shape with the top of the font touching the shape.

5. From the top menu bar select Layer and and Merge Visible. This will merge the text and the shape together. If you look on the left hand side under layers you know have one layer. Mine is called January.

6. Add a new layer. I name this one Background and move it underneath my January layer.

7. I then select the Paint Bucket and fill my background layer with white.

8. I have been adding the year at the bottom of my Templates. For this I am using the Vladimir Script at font size 72

If you would like to download this template click here.

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