Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snowman . . .

This is one of my favorite pictures of my youngest son. We were living in Port Orchard at the time and it was the first snow in along time. The boy's were out in the yard with their rakes, moving the snow into piles so they would have enough to make a snowman.
Click here for the template.I have added a black border to my template and have not included the date on my pictures, but the file does have the date of 2008.

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Deanna Kuroda said...

Hi, This is really a great template. I downloaded it and tried it and I love it. I am new to Photoshop and this makes me look professional. Unfortunately I don't have a snowman picture of my grandkids at the moment. Is it difficult to change the lettering? Anyway thank you so much for sharing. Deanna